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Fine Handcrafted Design Furniture  

Furniture Care and Warranty

All of Shelley Starr Design, Inc. furniture is hand crafted out of the finest materials available. This allows Shelley Starr Design to offer our customers the highest quality available in the market place. Our recommendation is to place your furniture in a room with fairly even humidity and room temperature throughout the year. Rule of thumb: “If it is comfortable for a human, it is comfortable for your furniture.” Your furniture is finished with high durability “Industrial polyester” to ensure longevity of finish. You only need to dust it occasionally with a lightly damp, non-abrasive cotton cloth. You may also wipe down the surface of the wood with a slightly damp cloth.

*Special note: Excessive heat in a home over long periods of time will damage furniture, wood is a natural product. Shelley Starr Design will not be liable for this sort of damage.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have a housekeeper, be sure to properly inform him/her of this furniture care. Be sure to remove damaging products, such as Pledge or other furniture waxes that can cause harm to wood. These products will create clouding in wood of your furniture.


1. Liquids spilt on the furniture or padding must be removed immediately with absorbent paper or cloth, especially on any leather surface as to avoid stains. When cleaning up Spills use a blotting motion rather than wiping motion.
2. For cleaning, use a dry cloth or if absolutely necessary, use water with mild soap. With Lexol leather cleaner, use only a dry cloth.
3. Using solvents of any kind, furniture polish, oil, varnish or detergent containing ammonia should be avoided. Remove these products from your furniture cleaning supplies so that housekeepers do not mistakenly use them on your furniture.


1. Use a lightly damp cloth to wipe stains and/or dust off leather.
2. Use saddle soap if a spot has occurred. Be sure to remove all saddle soap completely after removing stain.
3. Never brush leather or use any solvent or abrasive cleaning supplies.
4. If ever leather has developed wrinkles or seems loose, place in Sun Light for 30 minutes and leather will go back to original condition


1. Always use place mats when serving on glass or crystal tops
2. Use felt pads on bottoms of Vases or large decorative bowls to keep from scratching surfaces over time
3. Should Crystal or Glass arrive with water marks or stain, please use vinegar and a soft bristle brush to remove any mark’s. These marks will come out.


1. Lift objects instead of dragging them. Dragging objects will cause scratches on any surface.
2. Use felt or cloth pads to protect surfaces from anything hot or cold or accessories of any kind such as candles, vases, flowerpots, etc.
3. Do not use plastic or rubber place mats. Over time these may deteriorate finishes.
4. Do not leave objects in one place for a long period of time, as it may result in spots or indentations in your furniture.
5. Do not place heavy objects on furniture.
6. Never expose your furniture to direct sunlight.
7. Avoid extremes in humidity and temperature.
8. Do not place furniture near any heating or air conditioning source.
9. Do not place furniture in any damp areas.
10. Do not leave any amount of liquid standing on the furniture for any amount of time.


*Shelley Starr Design uses the finest materials available allowing us to offer the best quality possible. Shelley Starr Design furniture goes through inspection at all stages of the manufacturing process. The Shelley Starr Design quality seal on every item warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship at the date of delivery.
*The Shelley Starr Design emblem represents the authenticity of the design, integrity and craftsmanship.
*Residential use: the following specific limited warranties start from the time of original purchase date by customer.


*No Sag Springs - 3 years *Cushions - 2 years with exception of down & feather filling which is warranted for 3 years.
*The surface finish carries no warranty against scratching and chipping.
*In the event of minor damage to furniture, one can arrange for Furniture Medic in your area to come to your house and repair damage. Furniture Medic is a national company that specializes in restoration of fine furniture.
*Shelley Starr Design, Inc does not have any affiliation with Furniture Medic nor guarantee their workmanship.

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